Child Protection

Child is the future of our country and it is our responsibilities to protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. In India child trafficking is one of the biggest problems of our country. There are numbers of group involved into child labor, child beggars. You will easily find that there are many children is working in tea stalls, shops and industries instead of enjoying their childhood.

Official figures indicate that there are over 60 million child workers in India. The number of girl involved is not much lower than boys.

Our main motto is to protect and keeping children safe and free from harm.

Each and every child deserve a happy and safe childhood is what we believe and inspire us to run projects in rural and urban area.

How do we protect?

Our team target most disadvantage local communities where most of children are pushed into work, we educate them about the rights of children to help them understand that children are meant to be at school not at work.

We understand that there are following listed categories of children needing help.


  • Child victims of sexual abuse/exploitation
  • Child victims of neglect or abuse
  • Child victims of trafficking
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children in a situation of migration
  • Unaccompanied children in a situation of migration
  • Children without parental care/in alternative care
  • Children in police custody or detention
  • Street children
  • Children of parents in prison or custody
  • Children in judicial proceedings
  • Children in or at risk of poverty
  • Missing children (e.g. runaways, abducted children, unaccompanied children going missing)
  • Children affected by custody disputes, including parental child abduction
  • Children left behind (by parents who move to another EU country for work)
  • Children belonging to minority ethnic groups, e.g. Roma
  • Child victims of female genital mutilation or forced marriage
  • Children who are not in compulsory education or training or working children below the legal age for work
  • Child victims of bullying or cyber bullying