Child Education

A good quality education helps children to find and achieve their goal. Education is a gift of our life, every child has right to education. But now a days due to financial issues parents are not able to provide a good education to their children. We help those parents who are coming for poor and disadvantaged communities. We assist them in the admission process, book and necessary requirements.

How We Do?

We ensure that every child must go to the school and have fun there. Helping Hands launches campaign to support the children in different part of the nation. We work in local and disadvantage communities, where most of the children sent to the work, we talk to their parents and make them understand that education is one way to change their lives. We understand that every parent wants to send children at school, but due to economic conditions they have to send them at work. So we realize that job opportunities are only the solutions to make them financially strong and capable

We are taking help from many job consultancies and company, who require manpower to run their organizations, in that way at the same time we can support to child and parents.