Helping Hands is always committed to help people in time of emergencies, especially for children. Our team responds very quickly and ensures to provide every possible help. We help families and children with food, water, first aid and other important items. We ensure that children and families are safe

 How We Do?

We are living in the countries where most of the states are under disasters zone. We are always prepared to face all the difficulties during and after disaster. People can call us anytime and ask for help. Our team makes sure to reach you as soon as possible.

Indian Scenario

India is highly vulnerable to natural disaster, 25 states in India are considered disaster prone. 68% of Indian land is drought prone, 12% of flood and 8% of cyclone.

Some of the reasons of natural disasters occurring in India are floods, droughts, cyclone, earthquake, landslides and avalanches etc.

Due to natural disasters results not only in the loss of life and shelter, but also create lack of food, increase diseases and disturb social economic activities.